for the Masses


  • Modern skatepark offering different obstacles and styles professionally designed and built by a known and established skatepark company
  • A network of trails to include areas for downhill mountain biking and hikers
  • Walking trails
  • BMX dirt pump track
  • Green spaces that are maintained and landscaped. These areas will offer areas for picnics, dog runs, and promote outdoor use.
  • Gear rental/donation center that will also provide volunteer opportunities, event listings, and jobs
  • RC Car course
  • Rock climbing
  • Bathroom facilities
  • Parking facilities

S.A.S.P is committed to maintaining and expanding the park for future years use and ultimately making Sonora a better place to live and grow as a healthy community. Some benefits of the park include but are not limited to:

  • Promote outdoor recreation and sports that improve physical and mental health
  • Offer safe drug and alcohol-free spaces for our youth to build confidence, learn and grow
  • Offer clinics, youth outreach programs, and mentorships
  • Protects our wild lands and utilize them in a healthy way therefore deterring deterioration and homeless encampments
  • Stimulate Tuolumne County economy and promote new businesses related to outdoor action sports
  • Attract visitors from neighboring communities and bring tourists from afar
  • Promote and create local action sports teams and hold competitions



To Push Your limits

Our outdoor community is thriving and growing constantly. Promotion and access to outdoor spaces not only benefits the locals,  but attracts diversity and tourism. Offering a large community park that is accessible to everyone is the blueprint for a healthier, happier quality of life for our beautiful community.

Ideally our park will be a large centrally located space within the city limits that will benefit the entire community. We wish to use our natural local terrain as well as develop specific locations.