Active, Healthy, COmmunity

It is our mission to provide a safe, active, drug-free environment for all ages to enjoy.


Our Goals

We are community members and outdoor enthusiasts with the common interest in creating a new, outdoor space for Tuolumne county residents and visitors.

We are in the process of creating a nonprofit organization to meet our mission, to provide a safe, active, drug-free environment for all ages to enjoy.

This Action Sports Park will be an inclusive recreation park that include elements of skate and BMX parks, walking and biking trails, as well as kid and pet friendly areas for the community to enjoy together.

Sample Park Map

A Place for All

S.A.S.P believes that physical and mental health are directly correlated and have a huge impact on quality of life. The information on this topic is plentiful and easy to find. There are numerous studies that conclude access to public parks help lower crime and combat drug and alcohol addiction. In 2020, Adventist Health procured the Blue Zones Company, a company advocating individual and community health through outdoor use and healthy lifestyles. The initiative is still new to Tuolumne area, and shares very much the same values as S.A.S.P. We believe Blue Zones and other local community projects that include action sports are indicative of the changing needs of our community and our goal is to work with these common goals and create a heathier active community.

Sonora is the home to many outdoor sports. This park will provide an excellent space for people from all ages to engage is such activities as skateboarding, BMXing, roller skating, scootering, operating RC cars, walking trails, rock climbing, bike paths, and much more. It will provide a space for our youth to build confidence and enjoy activities outdoors. The new park will be built by professional action sports builders that will include multiple areas that embrace different levels of athleticism and all ages. S.A.S.P would like to continue the efforts of including as many outdoor sports as possible. By doing so, we are creating an all-inclusive community initiative that provides easy access to outdoor spaces therefore progressing the quality of life here in our growing city of Sonora. This new park will offer a healthy space to serve our community for many years to come.

S.A.S.P. is currently working with local organizations, businesses, nation-wide skatepark companies, city officials, and many more. Currently we are securing local donations, grant applications and hope to also work with the Tony Hawk Foundation, now known as the Skatepark Project. The Skatepark Project has donated more than 10 million dollars to date and have helped facilitate the building of skateparks in over 600 cities nationwide. This is indeed a BIG IDEA that is innovative and more important than ever as our community grows. We are the future.

Meet the S.A.S.P. Team

Justin Flynn

“This park will create a more active way of life for all ages, bringing an alternative to drug and alcohol use. However long it takes to do it, we’re going to stick it out.” 

April Foster


Faizon Hilson


Kendall Aasen

“Roller skating has improved my life ten-fold helping me gain confidence and friendship. A new modern skatepark will help me elevate my skills to achieve goals I have set for myself.”